Local 9-year-old donates birthday money to Atlanta Community Food Bank

Now, the Atlanta Community Food Bank is connecting families to food via text.

A local 9-year-old boy had a wish for his birthday: to help the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

In a video on YouTube, Rhys Stieglitz, wrote “I am turning 9-years-old on June 23. As my birthday wish this year, I am trying to collect 999 non-perishable products and $999 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.”

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Rhys wrote a song to help him meet his goal. He asked people to consider donating either nine non-perishable items or money increments of $9.

According to reporting from 11Alive, his birthday efforts have paid off. He has collected 1,400 food items to donate and raised $4,200.

“I want to inspire and bring love into our community,” Rhys told the TV station.

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According to the Food Bank's website, "The ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to impact those struggling with hunger. The Atlanta Community Food Bank is gathering every possible resource to provide food and supplies to all who need it, but we're facing a sharp increase in demand."

Donations right now will help purchase food for distributions across the city, provide food boxes for seniors who are homebound and help with mobile pantries, according to the food bank.

“More kids, parents, and seniors in our community are going hungry as a result of this ongoing crisis,” according to the website. “Nourishing food is the most basic need for our vulnerable neighbors.”

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