How to use ParkMobile to help restaurant industry workers amid coronavirus

The coronavirus has quickly changed every facet of daily life. In Alpharetta, small businesses are adapting.

The Atlanta-based company ParkMobile is helping raise money for the Giving Kitchen

You may not find yourself in need of a parking spot as much recently, but you may still find a reason to open the ParkMobile app.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Atlanta-based ParkMobile is using its platform to collect donations to the Giving Kitchen in Atlanta, a nonprofit that supports workers in the restaurant industry.

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Those in the service industry have been among some of the most impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, both in Georgia and around the country. As sit-down restaurants have tried to quickly transition into to-go operations, many hourly employees are without work.

Across the city, GoFundMe pages have popped up for those affected by restaurants that have temporarily closed.

However, if you want you want your donation to go a little further, ParkMobile will match a portion of the donations made to the Giving Kitchen through its app.

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Here’s how it works: ParkMobile users in Atlanta can log into the app and make a donation by using the designated Giving Kitchen parking zone number: 101.

According to the company, 100 percent of the donation will go to Giving Kitchen. In addition, ParkMobile will match a portion of the donation proceeds.

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The company has similar efforts set up in cities around the country.

Donations can also be made directly to Giving Kitchen on their website.

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