The small lake behind the house is what drew Michaela Graham to her home. When she first saw it in 2018 the home had a mold infestation and Michaela didn’t have the money on hand to handle the project. She kept thinking about the midcentury modern home on the water, and when the home’s listing crossed her path again last year she knew it was time to make a move.

“Something kept drawing me to this house,” she said. “I’m so drawn to water, to living close to the water, and I thought I couldn’t have that in Atlanta.”

She closed on the College Park home in March 2019 and moved in four months later, after three weeks of mold remediation and an extensive renovation.

“As I bought the house, I did a lot more research on midcentury modern,” said Michaela. “I’m not a purist, obviously, I painted the walls, but I tried to keep a lot of the special character of the house.”

Now the home is open and airy, with quirky, midcentury modern decor and hints of steampunk style in the metal art and bits of Victorian flair.

“Years ago, if someone had asked me what would be my favorite house, it would have high ceilings, big rooms, a lot of light and water,” said Michaela, “and here I have all of that.”


Residents: Michaela Graham and her dog, a German wirehaired pointer named Dude. Michaela is a semi-retired real estate investor.

Location: College Park

Size: 1,813 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Year built: 1970

Year bought: 2019

Renovations: Near total renovation of the space including mold remediation, new flooring, painting, installing three garage doors, removing a wall between the kitchen and the dining room and updating the bathrooms.

Consultants: Rass Remodeling & Repair did the carpentry and the pool restoration was done by Amazing Pool Professionals.

Architectural style: Mid-century modern

Favorite architectural elements: Three garage doors that allow her to open her living space to the back yard.

Interior design styles: Mid-century modern with bits of steampunk

Favorite interior design elements: Indian ox cart table in the living room, art by local artists George Whitehead and Eva-Maria Connolly and art from Scott Antique Markets.

Favorite outdoor feature: The pool

Resources: Furniture and decor from, Kaboodle, Amazon, AllModern, Ikea, Etsy and Scott Antique Markets. Art by Eva-Maria Connolly, Paolo da San Lorenzo, George Whitehead, Eugene Ortlieb and from Scott Antique Markets. Lighting from Lowes and Jacob E. Bang of Holmegaard.


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