Boutique owner Dina Woodruff’s Atlanta home is a jewelry box of design with gems crafted from her relationships with artists and interior designers.

“I have so many talented friends, that along the way, you know, you’re just having dinner or invited them over and, ‘I kind of wish I could do something with this room,’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, let’s do this,’” she said.

Credit: Text by Marena Galluccio/Photos by Christopher Oquendo

Credit: Text by Marena Galluccio/Photos by Christopher Oquendo

Diptychs from Wood Adamson, her son, are displayed in the foyer while the patterned screened-in porch floor was designed and completed by artist Brian Carter.

Woodruff said her four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath home tells a story of her world, including pieces from friends, family and her store, Peridot.

“Each one has done different elements in the house along the way,” she said. “A lot of the pieces … have traveled with me, so it’s really fun. It all has a story.”


Residents: Dina Woodruff, owner of Peridot West and Peridot Buckhead (she is closing that location), and her dogs, Madge and Talley.

Location: Atlanta

Size: 4,800 square feet, four bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths

Year built and bought: 1934/2011

Architectural style: Georgian

Favorite architectural elements: The iron doors

Renovations: Woodruff installed iron doors, created a courtyard of boxwoods with an iron gate, covered the back porch and added the pool. The previous owners renovated the bathrooms and the kitchen and added the family room and the arched doorways.

Renovation consultants: D. Stanley Dixon (architect), Mike Hammersmith (general contractor)

Design consultants: Over the years, she has relied on a variety of interior designers, including Susan Kingery, Huff-Dewberry, Willett-Crisler Design and Elspeth Willcoxon Interiors.

Interior design style: Traditional

Favorite furniture: Her pink sofa

Favorite outdoor feature: The front courtyard. "It just really framed the house in a great way that I was so excited about that," she said. "So when you walk up into the courtyard, you already feel like you're in the house. I just love that because it's something I've always wanted."

Landscape architect: E. Graham Pittman & Associates

Resources: Art by Steve Penley, Bonnie Beauchamp-Cooke, Brian Carter Art and Design, Wood Adamson, Ann Rogers, Jean Henri Zuber, O.M. Norling and Todd Alexander. Antiques from Scott Antique Markets. A collection of items from Peridot. Wallpaper sourced by Huff-Dewberry. Fabric sourced by Willett-Crisler Designs. Appliances by Wolf.

Decor tip: Find an interesting way to reuse existing pieces that retain their sense of history and show them in a modern sense. In the front sitting room, Zuber panels, which are from a historic home in Woodruff's hometown of Columbus, were restored and framed by Fred Reed Picture Framing, which has been in Atlanta since 1947.