QUIZ: Which holiday treats are the biggest diet-busters?

Here are 12 tips for keeping holiday eating under control

Packing on a few extra pounds may seem inevitable during the fall and winter holiday season, what with that slice of warm pecan pie and glass of spiked eggnog tempting you at every turn.

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But if you’re hoping to be semi-health conscious — it is a time to drink and be merry, after all — you may want to know that it takes 100 minutes to walk off just one piece of that scrumptious Christmas chocolate fudge cake home-baked by your favorite aunt.

Test your holiday treats knowledge here:

Need some expert advice on keeping from going overboard during the holidays?

"When you're at a holiday party, scan the table of delectables to decide which three high-calorie foods you really want," dietitian Lanier Dabruzzi previously told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Devote half of your plate to waistline-friendly choices such as sliced fruits and vegetables."

Nutritionist Keith Kantor also recommends getting a good night’s rest and not skimping on the recommended 10,000 daily step count.

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