A naughty Halloween look for Olaf, Elsa and others

Is no character safe? Company turns kids' faves into sexy costumes
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How many Annas, Elsas and Olafs do you expect to see on your door step saying "Trick or treat?' One, 10, 100 perhaps?

Same question- but now we're changing the location to the local watering hole's (read: bar) Halloween bash?  Would you expect to see a little more grown up version of Anna and Elsa that could actually melt Olaf?

If you've been shopping around for costumes, then the answer is yes.  Kids favorite characters aren't for kids any more, blurring the lines between childhood innocence and sexy adult fun.

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We've all seen the sexy cop and sexy nurse costumes that may be more for private time instead of the neighborhood Halloween get-together, but according to USA Today, even Olaf isn't safe in this trend to make a traditionally kids night more adult.

The adult versions of the "Frozen" costumes were so popular, that, according CNBC, Yandy.com has been sold out and the company may not have more in time for Oct. 31.  A check of the site confirmed that there are no more Annas, Elsas or Olafs left.  But there are Snow Whites, Alices and even "Despicable Me" Minons for sale.

So what do you think?  Take our poll: Kid character's re-envisioned as "adult" costumes - hot or ew?