Mom criticized for tall stack of Christmas presents speaks out

"Nobody is going to tell me how I spend my Christmas," she said.

In total, Tapping spent $2,300 on presents for her children and adults in her family. There are 300 presents under the tree, 85 for her two girls and 30 for her son.

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"I don't spoil them throughout the year," she said, which means they get their clothes, their "smellies" (soaps, perfumes, lotions, etc.) for the year on Christmas. If her children want anything else during the year, they must save up for it, she said.

Tapping says her Christmas presents are made possible because she is a savvy shopper ("I know what days to hit the sales.") and she haggles for better deals.

One TV anchor said he didn't like the photo at first but said the mother made some good points when heard her out.

"If the picture offends, don't look," she said.

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