Holiday season’s top toys expected to fly off shelves

The retail rush is just beginning, but already consumer experts are saying some toys will be hard to come by.

Big Hugs Elmo is expected to be one of the most popular toys of 2013. It’s listed for $49 on Walmart, Target and Toys 'R’ Us’s top toys lists.

“It’s also one of our ‘Chosen by Kids’ toys,” Walmart store manager Karen Kallam said.

The “Chosen by Kids” guide at Walmart is part of a popular new trend that allows children to vote on the year’s top toys.

“It'll cut down on your shopping a lot of time and let you know what your child wants," said Diane Swoager from Aliquippa.

"Our kids really like Legos," said Merl Taylor, of Upper Saint Clair.  "Legos are huge.  Super heroes...'Star Wars' Legos those are big."

Furby is also expected to be hugely popular this year.  It's a hot item from the 1990s that made a comeback last year.

Toy sales are expected to reach $21 billion dollars this holiday season, and that has brick-and-mortar stores trying to fend off the appeal of online shopping.

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