Dimensional decorations the kids will remember

The turkey leftovers are gone and the focus shifts to Christmas. Most kids will claim it to be their favorite holiday and with the gifts and the lights and the music, it’s no wonder. (Did I mention gifts?)

The thing is, the kids are likely to best remember the projects they created as a family, like wrapping the gifts and decorating the tree. Turns out, there is a very simple way to create dimensional decorations and all it takes is a bit of ribbon, a hole punch and a handful of paper circles.

Start with circles in three sizes — I chose 2 1/2 inches (cut four circles), 2 3/4 inches (cut one circle) and 3 inches (cut four circles). The mid-size circle will sit in the middle. The eight remaining circles need to be folded in half and cut from the fold line, down the center, stopping a quarter inch before the circle’s edge. Slide the larger circles onto the middle circle at the folded slit. Once you have attached all of the larger circles, repeat this process with the smallest circles, nesting them inside the large circles.

Punch a small hole somewhere along the perimeter of the middle circle. Tie a knot in a loop of ribbon and poke it through the hole in order to hang the ornament.

These dimensional decorations are easy enough for even your youngest kids to help make and the lack of adhesive makes it mess-free. And when Christmas 2015 is past, it is a simple task to slide off all of the circles and store them flat, keeping their dimensionality intact for future Christmases.