Cyber Monday: Which retailers will have the best deals and how to prepare

Cyber Monday grows by leaps and bounds every single year, and this year is no exception. Last year

Exploreshoppers spent $1.3 billion on Cyber Monday

and got some amazing deals. If you're not looking forward to standing in line for hours this Friday, hang in there because Cyber Monday is just two days after that!

The Top 3 Places to Shop Online for Cyber Monday


I really have to hand it to


. They've been a pioneer and innovator when it comes to selling online, and they are always on the frontline when it comes to holiday bargains. They have the entire week of Thanksgiving dedicated to Black Friday deals, and the bargains continue all weekend long into Cyber Monday. Most deals are only available for a limited time, or until they sell out. One thing to keep in mind:

  • Amazon offers Prime Membership for $79 that gets you free 2-day shipping on most items for an entire year, plus free instant streaming movies and TV shows. If you are planning to buy a lot this holiday season, and the rest of the year, then the Prime Membership will probably pay for itself very quickly.


Another online retailer that offers pretty much anything you could possibly need, 

will be offering amazing bargains all Thanksgiving week long and through Cyber Monday. Most items also qualify for free shipping. I remember paying mere pennies for amazing items last year, so this is definitely one site to keep on your radar for Cyber Monday.

3. Daily Deal Sites like and

Whether you are looking for jewelry, electronics or clothes,

Explorethe daily deal sites

are going to have a plethora of both local bargains and online deals. If you can get a $200 jewelry voucher for $100, wow that's a great bargain (yes, that's an example of a deal available last year)!

Other sites of note that didn't make my top 3:,,,,,,, and Keep in mind that you can see a list of all the deals available for Black Friday here on 

Now, onto the juicy tips to help you save on these websites.....

6 Ways to Prepare for Cyber Monday

1. Register ahead of time on the sites you plan to shop on. This way you don't end up losing an item because you took too long to register.

2. Sign-up for a cash back site, so that you can earn cash back with all your online shopping.

3. Remember - until you have checked out, you are not guaranteed the item. Check out as quickly as possible!

4. Always

Explorecheck here for a coupon code

before you do check out. You might just be able to save an extra 20%!

5. Figure out ahead of time how much you can spend. Otherwise it is super easy to get carried away! Trust me....I know...

6. Drink lots of coffee. If you're dedicated to doing online shopping for your gifts this year...then is a must!

Are you planning on shopping online this Cyber Monday? What are some of your tips?

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