12 weight-loss secrets from Atlantans who shed 100-plus pounds

Angie Spann Arnold slimmed down to 175 pounds.

Credit: Provided by Angie Spann Arnold

Credit: Provided by Angie Spann Arnold

Angie Spann Arnold slimmed down to 175 pounds.

It's hard to lose just one pound, much less 100 pounds or more. But these four Atlanta-area residents are part of the brigade that writes in to the popular Atlanta Journal-Constitution Weight Loss Success feature.

Each has lost at least 100 pounds with a different approach. Here, they share weight loss secrets, from their diets and exercise regimens to their positive attitude mantras. Go ahead, borrow some inspiration from those who have "been there, done that."

Vickie Crabtree, 61, of Snellville went from 320 pounds to 178 pounds.

Pounds loss: 142

Diet: She began Weight Watchers in March of 2014 and while she reached her goal weight of 180 in March 2016, she still attends meetings "for accountability."

Exercise: "I do double high-energy water aerobics classes two days a week," she said. She also walks two days a week.

Attitude: "My biggest challenge now is to not fall back into the old habits that got me so overweight -- and remembering: I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me," she said.

Paul Moore, 53, of Sugar Hill went from 308 pounds to 180 pounds.

Pounds loss: 128

Diet: For lunch and dinner, he loves a salad with hot wing sauce. "I put that on everything," he admitted.

Exercise: "I have four-legged offsprings that help keep me motivated; they like to get out and exercise," he said. "Currently I have three of them: three dogs, three leashes - the four of us are out there jogging on the trail." Two or three times a week, he runs 5-6 miles with his dogs.

Attitude: He changed his mindset and didn't eat bad things. "It continues to be a challenge … I really focus on being mindful," he said. 

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Gino Marotta, 40, of Lawrenceville, went from 315 pounds to 197 pounds.

Pounds loss: 118

Diet: A "breakfast mush" casserole with eggs, ground turkey and hash browns starts his day.

Exercise: He completes 30 minutes of intense cardio in a gym two or three times a week. On weekends, he does an 8-mile hike/run at Stone Mountain Park.

Attitude: He said, "I'm one of the people who read (this column) for many years, hoping that one day, I would muster the discipline to lose weight and be featured myself." And he did. 

Angie Spann Arnold, 53, of Marietta went from 279 pounds to 175 pounds.

Pounds loss: 104

Diet: At first, she stuck to a low-carb, very strict diet - not more than 20 net carbs a day. "After some weight loss, I started adding fruits."

Attitude: "My biggest challenges are cakes and breads. I know that this is a way of life now and that carbs cause me to gain weight. I don't deny myself anything, but I think really long and hard before I choose to eat anything that is not what I need," she said.

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