Red Pepper Taqueria fails inspection for old rice, inadequate cleaning supplies

Drinks at Red Pepper Taqueria, which will celebrate its fourth anniversary this week.

Drinks at Red Pepper Taqueria, which will celebrate its fourth anniversary this week.

DeKalb County restaurant inspection scores:

• Au Rendez-Vous, 4102 Clairmont Road, Chamblee. 87/B

• Let's Eat!, 2191 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta. 75/C

• Mint Chinese and Thai Cuisine, 3683 Clairmont Road, Chamblee. 71/C

• Northlake Thai Cuisine, 3939 Lavista Road, Tucker. 70/C

• Olive Bistro Brookhaven, 705 Town Blvd., Atlanta. 75/C

The Red Pepper Taqueria at 2149 Briarcliff Road failed a recent health inspection, according to a report. The restaurant was scored at 66/U.

The inspectors penalized the restaurant for having cleaning chemicals that were too weak and improperly warning customers about raw and undercooked foods, among other violations, according to the report.

Read the full inspection report here.

The report noted the bar dish machine did not have enough chlorine, a chemical used in cleaning solutions to keep anywhere food touches free of potentially disease-causing bacteria.

The taqueria’s sanitizer buckets also did not have enough quaternary ammonium chloride, another cleaning chemical, according to the notes. The notes also state that both violations were fixed during the inspection.

The inspector said in her report she found rice that was stored at the wrong temperature for too long. Certain food items such as milk, meat, shellfish, rice and beans are more likely to produce unsafe pathogens if stored between 41 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The report said the rice was thrown out.

The hot water at the second sink in the male and female restrooms was not working as well, the inspector said.

The taqueria’s “unsatisfactory” rating means it has 10 days to fix all noted problems or the Atlanta Health Department will ask it to voluntarily close the shop “until all violations are corrected.” Red Pepper Taqueria’s last rating on Jan. 20 was a 91. The rating before that on Jan. 12 was a 73.

The AJC reached a manager at the Briarcliff Road store who referred us to the owner. The owner could not be immediately reached for comment.