Considering the water diet? Here's what you need to know

Cold water being poured into a glass.

There's a new-ish diet on the block: the water diet.

Water dieting has become a new-to-us, mostly resurrected retro approach to tossing those extra pounds and seems to have stuck around.

If you've entertained thoughts of centering good 'ol H2O in your newest dieting attempt, read on for more information about the pros and cons.

Basics of the water diet 

Atlanta dietitian Rahaf Al Bochi says she drinks 6-8 glasses of water in addition to fluids from tea and soup.

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The idea behind the water diet is pretty simple: Drink water and only water. According to Women's Health, dieting or cleansing with only water is intended to flush out toxins in your body. The method for each water diet depends, according to "The Today Show." Some will suggest strictly sticking to water, adding in fruits and vegetables only after a few days and noticeable weight loss. Others say eating an apple while drinking water is fine, too. True North Health Center features a seven-day water cleanse and is the only one in the country with one.

Potential health risks 

As with any diet, establishing healthier habits is not at the forefront. Instead, extremes intended to gain quick results, even if they aren't lasting, tend to be the modus operandi. Emeritus professor of complementary medicine Edward Ernst told The Guardian that detox treatments aren't proven to better a healthy body. The water diet is no different. Comparable to spiritual or religious fasting or juice fasting even, only drinking water for a period of time is basically abstaining from eating. The hunger you may feel is likely to make you binge, which leads to unhealthy eating patterns.

Potential health benefits 

Despite the water diet encouraging some unhealthy habits, working toward integrating more water into your everyday lifestyle could prove to be a useful pillar of health, according to WebMD. Infuse fresh fruit into water to amp up the flavor. Reach for a cold glass instead of soda or after drinking an alcoholic beverage. Think of ways to up your water intake across the board.