Freshen up your yard with white containers

Just as white cabinets and countertops can provide a clean look in a kitchen, white planters can add a crisp contrast to blooming flowers this spring. Containers offer a way for you to grow a variety of plants, whether your outdoor space is limited to a tiny balcony or porch, or if you have a sprawling yard.

From local home and garden stores to showrooms at AmericasMart during the International Gift & Home Show in January, we found an array of white planters in styles ranging from classic to contemporary.

The self-watering planters by Lechuza include the new spherical shape with a textured surface. The Lechuza-Puro planter features a built-in irrigation system that waters plants for up to 12 weeks and includes a removable plastic liner ($189.99,

The Le Beau series of earthenware planters by PH Gardens has a variety of shapes, including the "Big Belly" pots that bulge near the top. PH Gardens pots can be found locally at Pike Nurseries, Atlanta Water Gardens and JAM'n Designs.

For a traditional look, the square planter from Target's Chippendale collection has a geometric design on all of its sides (two sizes, $16.79-$91.99, Another option is the plank-style lines of the Terrazza Raised Bed, a 12-inch deep planter sold by Gardener's Supply Company that holds two 4-gallon reservoirs for weekly watering ($179,

IKEA's plant pots include the Kardemumma line for plants such as orchids ($2.99 each, The patterns use stripes and leaf shapes, also in white.

The block-shaped containers by Pottery Pots (, a young Dutch company that was exhibiting for the first time at AmericasMart, feature straight lines and high-gloss finish, in colors such as white. The modern planters are made of fiberstone, which is a mixture of crushed stone and fiberglass.

Lightweight fiberglass planters in white from Authenteak, a West Midtown store, include its no-frills egg planters in sizes ranging from small to 3X-large (starting at $49.95, and tall rimmed vases in three sizes (starting at $219.95).

Target's Threshold line has modern options, including the 21-inch Modern Planter in white ($39.99,, which has a square top that tapers to its slim base.