Watch: How to make Oreo-filled Reese's and Reese's-filled Oreos

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The Food Surgeon might have just won the key to our hearts and our taste buds.

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In a dramatic video uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 31, the "surgeon" precisely operates on an Oreo cookie and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup to combine the two delicious treats into two new mouthwatering creations.

Behold, the Oreo-filled Reese's cup and the Reese-filled Oreo.

In four and a half minutes viewers can watch a tutorial to create the two sweet treats.

A scalpel is used to delicately remove one chocolate cookie from an Oreo. The creme filling is then removed as well. All three parts of the Oreo - both cookies and the creme - are separated.

In another shot, a scalpel is used to carefully cut a circle in the top of a Reese's. The top layer of chocolate is lifted away to reveal the peanut butter center, which is removed and placed in between both Oreo cookies. The creme filling of the Oreo is then placed inside the chocolate foundation of the peanut butter cup and the top layer of chocolate is replaced.

These classic favorites will never be the same.