From the menu: Two readers request recipe for S & S Cafeteria’s mac n cheese


From the menu of … S & S Cafeteria, 2002 Campbellton Road SW., Atlanta; 404-755-2005;

I grew up in Augusta in the early 1960s enjoying S&S Cafeteria. I would go almost every Sunday just to have their mac and cheese. There is no other to compare. I met and knew one of the managers of the Walton Way store, and he gave me copies out of the book. But I'm sorry to say that it was lost in a fire and he is no longer alive. I would be so appreciative if I could have it again, as it would go under lock and key. — Toni Carter, Augusta

I'm a fan of S & S Cafeteria's macaroni and cheese and I would be grateful for the recipe. Thanks. — Diane Roberts, Tyrone

Like these two readers, we're always grateful that the folks at S & S Cafeteria are so generous with their recipes and we appreciate the peek into the workings of a very large kitchen.

When the cafeterias make up their macaroni and cheese, they have the option of working with anything from 14 ounces of macaroni to 8 3/4 pounds (which makes enough for 180 servings). We chose to go with half the smaller quantity.

It’s important to follow the recipe’s directions for cooking the macaroni since it is going to cook further when mixed with the remaining ingredients and baked. S & S vegetable cook Jacquinto Jackson made the macaroni and cheese for our photo and he stressed that you want to mix everything up while the macaroni is fresh from its precooking.

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