Squash casserole is a classic at S&S Cafeteria

From the menu of … S & S Cafeteria, 2002 Campbellton Road SW, Atlanta; 404-755-2005; sscafeterias.com

I would love to have the recipe for the squash casserole at S&S Cafeteria. This recipe is as good as it gets. I have tried many varieties of recipes for this casserole and cannot get it quite like the S&S. Thanks for your help. — Dot Peterson, Dunwoody

The folks at S & S Cafeteria were happy to share their recipe. They make it with 5 pounds, 25 pounds and even 35 pounds of squash at a time. We’ve scaled it back for home cook use to half the smallest size recipe. One secret to the recipe is that they steam the squash and then save that steaming liquid to make a chicken-squash stock for the casserole.