Making Revival’s rich chocolate tart is worth the effort

From the menu … Revival, 129 Church Street, Decatur; 470-225-6770;

Revival's Triple Chocolate Tart is the chocolate dessert I've dreamed of. Since I can't live in their dining room, will the chefs share the recipe? Thanks.— Mario Rodgers, Decatur

This is indeed one totally addictive tart with its chocolate crust, chocolate filling, chocolate glaze and a garnish of house candied orange slices. It’s got lots of components, but if you make it, you will certainly dazzle your guests. And since much can be made ahead, it’s really not that hard to prepare. The tart is the creation of Revival pastry chef Danielle Cuff.

We cut the recipe down from the large one the recipe makes, but you’ll still end up with enough crust for two tarts. Divide the dough in half, bake one for this week’s dinner party and put the remaining dough in the freezer for next time because you will surely want to make this again.