Learn to make Century House Tavern’s onion soup from this month’s Vidalia crop



From the menu … Century House Tavern, 125 E. Main St., Woodstock; 770-693-4552. centuryhousetavern.com

If possible, can you please find the recipe for the Vidalia Onion and Fennel Soup from Century House Tavern in Woodstock? My dear friend loves it, and I would love to be able to make it for her. Thanks for your efforts. — Judi Pollard, Woodstock

Chef Daniel Porubiansky was happy to supply the recipe and just in time for the 2018 Vidalia onion season. You should see Vidalia onions in stores after this year’s pack date of April 20.

As is usually the case, we’ve cut the recipe down from the much larger (10 times larger) batch the restaurant would prepare. Porubiansky tells us he’s tweaked the recipe to include a drizzle with two oils from Woodstock’s Leaning Ladder: Wild Fernleaf Dill Olive Oil and Red Cayenne Chili Infused Olive Oil.

If you’re not familiar with Pernod, it’s an anise-flavored liqueur that plays up the anise flavors of the fennel. Not essential, but an example of the kind of detail that elevates the soup from good to great.