Grabbit vs. Oreo: Does the rabbit make a difference?

The world has long had a love affair with Oreos, a cookie so immersed in myth and secrecy that fans go into a social-media frenzy each time a new flavor is rumored to be in R&D. But don’t expect a call-back from Nabisco’s Oreos Team, which makes a marketing-savvy practice of not verifying or denying those rumors. That was the case two years ago, shortly before its limited-edition Red Velvet Oreos were released for Valentine’s Day.

But we digress. The point is, Annie’s Homegrown of Berkeley, Calif. — whose line of organic products includes its nationally best-selling mac ‘n’ cheese (second only to Kraft) — has a new cookie that, frankly, we like better than the Original Oreo.

Annie’s Grabbits (“Just Grabbit and go”) are made from two chocolate wafers glued together by creamy filling. Sound familiar? Could be an Oreo or a Hydrox. But Grabbit’s all-organic ingredients include cane sugar, vanilla extract and, for its mint variety, natural mint oil. They’re crunchy and clean-tasting without any cloyingly sweet aftertaste and contain “no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, synthetic preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.”

Each cookie is stamped with an image of company mascot Bernie, a smiling Dutch rabbit, and the words “Rabbit of approval” (instead of “seal,” get it?).

A 20-cookie 8.06-ounce bag is $4 at Target stores.