From the menu: The Fickle Pickle’s Chicken Salad

My sister-in-law, visiting from Tennessee, and I had lunch at The Fickle Pickle in Roswell. The weather was lovely so we ate outside. We had their chicken salad sandwiches which was one of the best chicken salads we've ever had. We weren't certain what was in the dressing because it wasn't heavy and overwhelming. We would love to have the recipe if the chef will share.— Darlene Clott, Marietta

The secret to The Fickle Pickle’s chicken salad just may be the way the chicken is cooked. Never boiled, it’s cooked in a highly seasoned broth at a temperature that will cook the chicken but never toughen the meat. It’s a good lesson for all chicken salad cooks.

At The Fickle Pickle you’ll find this salad seasoned with a bit more tarragon than called for here. Feel free to increase the amount of tarragon if you like.

The Fickle Pickle

1085 Canton Street, Roswell