Learn to make eggplant dips from Morningside Kitchen packed with flavor

From the menu… Morningside Kitchen, 1397 N. Highland Ave. NE., Atlanta. 404-347-9747. www.facebook.com/pg/MorningsideKitchenAtlanta 

I brunched with friends and ordered Morningside Kitchen's "Trio of Cool Dips." They were all delicious but both eggplant dips were outstanding, served with pita from Alon's, I believe. Would the chef share the recipes? I appreciate so much that you offer this query segment to us! Thank you. — Evelyn Brown, Atlanta

Ian Winslade, former culinary director for Morningside Kitchen and Murphy's, and now opening Buckhead's Mission + Market this spring, was glad to share the recipe for these two savory favorites. Both are low in calories but high in flavor. Our recipes will give you a quarter of the quantity they make at Morningside Kitchen.

The recipes call for a few ingredients you might not have in your pantry. You could substitute a high-quality balsamic vinegar for the vincotto in both recipes. For the garlic confit in the Eggplant Dip, you can substitute roasted garlic.

Za’atar is a Mediterranean mix of spices and herbs usually including thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and salt. You can make your own or find it in stores that carry Middle Eastern groceries. You can often find it on the “international” shelf of a well-stocked grocery store.