Learn to make Parish’s Blueberry Crisp


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From the menu … Parish, 240 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta; 404-681-4434. parishatl.com

The Blueberry Crisp at Parish is to die for. Something about that topping! Will they give up the secret?

— Lynn Duke, East Point

The recipe is the creation of Breanna Kinkead, pastry chef at Parish. And the secret to the topping just might be the extra, and delicious, step of making brown butter.

The crisp recipe works for all kinds of fruit so when peaches are in season, or strawberries, or cherries, feel free to swap out the main ingredient. The restaurant bakes this in individual ramekins, but we modified it for one 9-inch baking dish.

How much Brown Butter Crumble to add is up to you. Kinkead says, “I personally just sprinkle the top with the crumble and let the fruit bubble through when baked, but if you like a thicker crust then use more of the crumble.” She created the crumble recipe by modifying the streusel she developed for her blackberry muffins. When she makes the crisp with cherries, she adds almond flour and sliced almonds. With peaches, she adds a little toasted chopped pecan.

The recipe will likely make more crumble than you’ll need for the crisp. Save it and use it on your next batch of muffins.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

We’ve cut down this recipe to an eighth the size they make at Parish. The restaurant uses an ice cream stabilizer, Cremodan 30, in the big batch they make. It adds to the creaminess of the mixture and keeps ice crystals from forming. You can buy it at Amazon and add 4 grams when you add the sugar to the hot half-and-half mixture, or make the ice cream without it as we did. Still delicious and creamy.