Amazon Prime members might see cheaper groceries, including turkeys, at Whole Foods this Thanksgiving. (Dreamstime)
Photo: Dreamstime/TNS
Photo: Dreamstime/TNS

Amazon promises cheaper turkeys and more at Whole Foods

Buying your Thanksgiving turkey and other holiday groceries at Whole Foods should be cheaper this year if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Almost three months after buying Whole Foods, Amazon said in a statement Wednesday that it’s offering special discounts on several grocery items for Prime members. The discounts are “another step forward in the integration between the companies,” Amazon said. 

Amazon said it will email Prime members a coupon starting Wednesday for organic or antibiotic-free turkeys for about 50 cents a pound cheaper than other customers. Amazon said the turkey discount is a “sneak peak” of the special savings it plans to give its $99-a-year Prime members as it works to make Prime the official Whole Foods reward program. 

Amazon Prime members can also get the coupon when they log in to their accounts. 

Other “Thanksgiving staple” items being discounted include boneless chicken breasts, raw peeled shrimp, canned pumpkin, organic broccoli and Russet potatoes, Amazon said. Additional products such as Greek yogurt and toothpaste will get lower prices, too, the company said. 

Amazon completed its $13.7 billion purchase of Austin-based Whole Foods in August. Right away, Amazon began lowering prices on a number of grocery staples, including cereal, beef and fruit.