A one-minute exercise can keep you in shape

Don’t have time for a five-minute coffee break today, let alone a one-hour workout? Don’t sweat it: New research finds that one minute of high intensity exercise can deliver many of the same benefits as your average 50-minute workout.

In the new study, 25 men were randomly assigned one of two cycling routines. The first was 10 minutes long and broken up into intervals — 20 seconds of intensity followed by two minutes of recovery, making for one minute total of actual work. The second, an endurance routine, was simply 45 minutes at a consistently moderate speed. Those doing the latter may have clocked in more time, but after 12 weeks each group showed practically identical results: a boost in insulin resistance, muscle function, and general fitness.

As long as you maintain that intensity, the exercise itself is up to you: Jump rope is always a solid option, as is sprinting or burpees. After all, you can do anything for just a minute, right?


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