Bike light’s creative features sets it apart

You don’t realize how much you need a bike light until yours runs out of battery during a ride. The drawback of many rechargeable lights is you don’t know how much time you have left before you’re stuck in just that position. The B30R features an OLED digital display of battery life so you know how much power you have left and can plan your ride accordingly.

The dual-beam light features a max brightness of 1,600 lumens and a beam-distance of up to 509 feet. But more important, the coverage even in low and medium settings is enough to light the way for most rides. Another thoughtful innovation in the BC30R is the “turbo mode,” which is activated by a button placed on the handlebar next to either thumb. Press it and the light is instantly boosted to its highest setting. Think of it as flashing the brights in your car. It’s a great function to quickly see upcoming obstacles or alert other vehicles to your presence on the road.