Boy with terminal illness wishes for 100,000 birthday cards 


Boy with terminal illness wishes for 100,000 birthday cards 

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Jacob Priestley turns 15 in August. 

Jacob Priestley turns 15 in August and has one wish for his birthday - 100,000 birthday cards.

The Arizona teenager, who suffers from a mitochondrial disease, is bed-bound with the terminal disease. His birthday is Aug. 28.

Please help Jacob have the best birthday, this year! If any year you share his request for bday cards...this is it!! We are spreading awareness of Mitochondrial disease this year. So for those who do not know Jacob...This year has not been good to him...mainly the last few months. He is now on comfort care and we really need to make this bday special to help him and his spirits.

Since he is bed-bound he does not request anything for his bday..except for cards. And so cards are what he wants and cards are what he is going to get!! Please help and spread the word! Share this post. Lets get his cards going this year. He has HUGE goal of 100,000. Of course, we will love as many as we get...but he would LOVE to reach that goal!!

Here’s the address to send cards: 

Jacob Priestley 

P.O Box 855 

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

You can follow Jake’s story and journey on the Adventures with Mighty Jake Facebook Page

 Jacob is on a mission to raise awareness about his mitochondrial disease with his birthday cards, his father Tom Priestley says. 

The mitochondrial disease attacks his son's organs and takes his energy away. Jacob has also lost quite a bit of weight since last year.  

“We just want to bring awareness to the disease. There are so many people who do not know what mitochondrial disease is. And this has been such a great way to have people look it up and see exactly what it is,” said his mom, Britney Priestley, in a Facebook message. 

 “We would love to find a cure! And our hope is always that we will reach a doctor or a researcher or somebody who wants to take on finding a cure for mitochondrial disease. It may not happen in Jacob's life time but we hope that it will happen at some point,” she said. 

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