Andrea Clark, 38, of Covington lost 68 pounds

SUCCESS STORY / Andrea Clark, 38: From 303 pounds to 235 pounds

Former weight: 303 pounds

Current weight: 235 pounds

Pounds lost: 68 pounds

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Age: 38

How long she's kept it off: "I began this journey on Jan. 17, 2019, and have consistently been losing weight the entire year," says Clark, who reached her current weight of 235 pounds in December.

Personal life: "I work at Clayton State University (CSU) as the associate registrar. I'm also a proud alumna of CSU. I love all local sports teams, especially the Falcons, hanging out with my family, and now I absolutely love working out at the Fit Factory Inc. in Conyers, Georgia. I've developed a special bond with the ladies."

Turning point: "I found myself being very inactive, always working at my desk and snacking on junk food to relieve stress and boredom. The turning point for me was I began to experience different medical issues in 2018, including high blood pressure, shortness of breath and fatigue. Also, I was just simply tired of being overweight. I've struggled with my weight for most of my adult life. … I kept seeing one of my friends from my hometown of Eatonton, Georgia, document her weight loss journey on Facebook. She was taking a hip-hop step aerobics class that looked like fun. The young lady who taught the class was starting to teach in a (Conyers) gym near my (Covington) home, the Fit Factory Inc. I decided to try a free class on Jan. 17, 2019, and I've never looked back. I began to follow nutrition plans and incorporate other classes the gym offered."

Diet plan: "I cut out sugar, limited my carbs, and stopped eating out so much. I began to prep my own meals to include leafy greens and lean proteins."

Exercise routine: "I began with hip-hop step aerobics three times a week and then incorporated high-intensity interval training, spin and stretch. I now work out at the Fit Factory Inc. in Conyers, Georgia, for two hours each day, four to five times a week."

Biggest challenge: "Food — I'm an emotional eater, so I eat to celebrate, when I'm stressed, or just bored. I had to learn to 'eat to live,' not 'live to eat.'"

How life has changed: "I definitely feel better physically and I'm currently on zero medications. Also, I love taking full-body photos as opposed to just from my neck up. I plan to continue working out and incorporate more weight training. I would like to eventually have a strictly pescatarian diet. … I've dropped 68 pounds — going from a size 22 to 14. I've found a love for cooking my own meals and working out. Also, I've bonded with many of the ladies at the gym. It's such an encouraging environment."

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