Alona Wall, 31, of Brookhaven lost 22 pounds

Alona Wall, in her before photo (on left) taken in 2018, weighed 130 pounds. In her after photo (on right), Wall weighed 114 pounds. It was taken in November 2019. CONTRIBUTED BY ALONA WALL
Alona Wall, in her before photo (on left) taken in 2018, weighed 130 pounds. In her after photo (on right), Wall weighed 114 pounds. It was taken in November 2019. CONTRIBUTED BY ALONA WALL

SUCCESS STORY / Alona Wall, 31: From 135 pounds to 113 pounds

Former weight: 135 pounds

Current weight: 113 pounds

Pounds lost: 22 pounds

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Age: 31 years

How long she's kept it off: Wall started in 2019 and she reached her current weight this January.

Personal life: "I live in the Brookhaven area. I'm single, and originally from Florida. I've lived in Atlanta for eight years. I work as an account executive for a software startup," said Wall.

Turning point: "I knew I did not have a significant amount of weight to lose, but I was always frustrated that I would lose 10 pounds trying some diet plan and then gain it right back. I was turning 30 soon and I really wanted to figure out a way to change my lifestyle in a way that I could maintain long term and be healthier in many different aspects of my life: energy, weight, stress, and healthier skin. I worked with metabolic specialist Nancy Masoud with LockedIN Wellness. My personalized plan was created based off of my food sensitivities."

Diet plan: She was tested for food sensitivities. Eliminating foods that testing revealed to be problematic, including Greek yogurt, strawberries, dairy and gluten, helped her to lose both the inflammation and weight. Breakfast is 3 ounces of turkey with an apple. Lunch is 5 ounces of chicken with two cups of veggies. Dinner is 4 ounces of protein with two cups of veggies. When she needs a munchie antidote to keep her from eating foods she's trying to avoid, she reaches for clementine oranges.

Exercise routine: "I went to Orangetheory Fitness three to five times per week."

Biggest challenge: Wall's biggest challenge was in being away from home while trying to select the right foods for her: "I am a big traveler and I am out of town a lot, so it was difficult to maintain my program when I'm not at home. Nancy taught me how to handle different places and situations for food choices to make it not so stressful. Having the accountability from Nancy was very helpful. I would check in with her multiple times a week and she would help adjust my plan if it was not working, and just keep me staying positive even on days that I got off track."

How life has changed: "I find myself having more energy and stamina overall. I am feeling stronger and just feeling more confident in my skin." As she looks toward her future, she says, "I don't necessarily have different plans. I just want to continue to focus on healthy habits. … I have actually maintained the weight I lost for the last six months and feel like I have developed more of a lifestyle change than hit a goal."

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