You can help a Georgia woman celebrate her 105th birthday

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The coronavirus pandemic prevents a big party, but her family still wants to make the day special

A person doesn’t turn 105 every day, and such a milestone deserves a big party.

Unfortunately, big parties are put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic. But Helen Mangham’s family still has a grand gesture planned. You can help.

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“Due to Covid-19 this year, we’re having to do things a little differently,” Pam Vickers, Mangham’s granddaughter, told CNN.

Vickers told CNN that Mangham loves to read her Bible and watch TV, and she enjoys getting mail. That’s why the family is asking people to send Mangham a birthday card.

“Even when she gets just a few cards for Christmas or her birthdays in the past, it has just made her so happy,” Vickers told the news outlet. “So I wanted to try to reach out to the world, actually, and just see how many cards we could get for her.”

Mangham was born on August 2, 1915, and lives on her own in LIfsey Springs, which is about an hour from Atlanta. Longevity seems to be in her family’s DNA, considering her sisters are 103, 101 and 94. Her brother was in his 90s when he died a few years ago.

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On December 4, 2016, the siblings earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for the highest combined age of five living siblings. At the time, it was 485 years and 72 days for Helen Mae (born August 2, 1915), Rosalee (December 4,1916), Lucy Grace (May 19, 1919), William Decatur (September 28, 1921) and Essie Virginia (October 18, 1925). Their parents were James and Essie Mangham of Georgia.

If you’d like to help the family surprise Mangham, you can send a card in care of Vickers. The address is 257 Wallie Road, Molena, GA 30258.

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