Which holiday food is healthiest to eat?

Which Holiday Food , Is Healthiest to Eat?.Our favorite holiday foods are loaded with calories and sugar, but these choices are least harmful for your diet.Pumpkin Pie, or, Apple Pie?.Pumpkin pie will have roughly 100 fewer calories per slice than apple pie.Cheese and Crackers, or, Chips and Dip?.Cheese and crackers contain a decent amount of calcium and protein.Mashed Potatoes, or , Sweet Potato Casserole?.Sweet potatoes have a wider range of nutrients, including the antioxidant beta carotene.House Rolls , or , Cornbread?.Cornmeal contains vision-protecting lutein and zeaxanthin.Sugar Cookies, or , Snickerdoodles?.A hard sugar cookie typically contains more sugars than snickerdoodles.Champagne, or, Cocktails?.Cocktails may contain mixers that add extra sugar and calories