Therapists Share the Self-Care Habits They’re Practicing in 2021

Therapists Share the, Self-Care Habits, They’re Practicing in 2021.If you slippedon your self-careroutines a bit in2020, you’renot alone. .Thankfully, 2021 ishere, meaning wehave a chance tore-engage with healthyhabits and practiceproper self-care. .Here are five healthy habits thattherapists themselves say they’redoubling down on this year.I want to try to incorporate rest daily.This can look like a 15-minute yoga videoor sitting for 10 minutes between sessionsand focusing on deep breathing … Restgives your mind a break. It gives yourmind a chance to pause from thinking, Psychologist Rebecca Leslie, to Huffpost.This year I’m committed to remindingmyself that no one has higher standardsfor myself than I do, and that the relieffrom finishing something in a timely matteris part of being kind to my future self, Psychotherapist Kathleen Dahlen deVos, to Huffpost.Being gentle with ourselves when weare struggling actually allows us tohave more emotional resources tocope. Self-compassion also allows usto be gentler to others in return. I knowI want to continue to support a kindergentler world and I know it starts with me, Psychologist Sarah Joy Park, to Huffpost.When I’m feeling impatient in a relationship,job or anything else, I’m going to payattention to pacing. That means remindingmyself that everyone goes at their own pace.That should make me feel more patient andhelp me to match my effort and expectationsto the outcomes I hope for, Therapist Rachel Kazez, to Huffpost.In 2021 I will be more mindful ofchecking in on others, focusing on healthyrelationships and letting go of the bad ones.Life is too short to spend it in the companyof people who suck the life out of you, Therapist Ibinye Osibodu-Onyali, to Huffpost