‘Wedding Crashers 2’ coming to shoot in Georgia

Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson may be back, along with Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher.
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn starred in the 2005 hit "Wedding Crashers" and will be back in Georgia to shoot the sequel. PUBLICITY PHOTO

Credit: PUBLIC

Credit: PUBLIC

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn starred in the 2005 hit "Wedding Crashers" and will be back in Georgia to shoot the sequel. PUBLICITY PHOTO

UPDATE September, 2021: This film was placed on hold a few weeks after I posted this story. According to Puck news, Owen Wilson ended up signing on to Disney’s reboot of “Haunted Mansion” instead. He is then committed to season 2 of “Loki.” Vince Vaughn has also committed to Apple TV+’s drama “Bad Monkey.” So a revival of “Wedding Crashers 2″ is not happening any time soon.

Wilson will segue to season two of Disney+’s Loki, and Vaughn has committed to the Apple TV drama series Bad Monkey,

Georgia is welcoming yet another big-budget sequel into the state: “Wedding Crashers 2.”

The four primary main actors from the original film ― Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher― may be returning. Details about the sequel are not public yet.

The film popped up on the Georgia Film Office active list Wednesday. Wilson, who recently shot Disney+ show “Loki” in Georgia, in June said the film was still in the “early planning stages.” The actor was in Atlanta this past weekend and showed up at the Atlanta United game.

AV Club said the movie is being developed for streaming service HBO Max but HBO Max has not confirmed that as a fact. Raunchy R-rated comedies have not been a major draw in recent years in movie theaters.

The original film was a massive hit back in 2005 with a delightful movie title that pretty much described the entire movie in two words. Wilson and Vaughn played two divorce mediator friends who would “crash” weddings in part to sleep with women but also to enjoy the festivities while creating fake personas. But a wedding “crash” of a daughter of a U.S. official (Christopher Walken) goes awry when Wilson’s character falls in love with one of the other daughters (McAdams) while Vaughn’s character sleeps with another daughter (Fisher) who becomes a “stage five clinger.”

“Wedding Crashers,” budgeted at $40 million, earned nearly $290 million worldwide, one of the best-performing R-rated comedies in history.

Last November, Vaughn told Yahoo! Entertainment: “Just recently, we’ve been more seriously discussing a sequel to ‘Crashers.’ There was an idea that was a good idea…for the first time, there’s kind of an original thought. So that was the last issue. We had a lot of fun [making the first one], and I think it’s always great if you can go make a movie with people that you like and have a good time doing that.”

Vaughn has been in Atlanta in the past for films including “The Internship” (with Wilson) and “The Watch.”

Georgia over the past 13 years has become a magnet for sequels, including “Hunger Games,” “The Avengers,” “Divergent,” “Jumanji,” “Fast and the Furious,” “Dumb and Dumber,” “Anchorman,” “X Men,” “Ride Along,” “Zombieland,” “Magic Mike,” “Neighbors,” “Coming to America” and “American Pie.”

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