TMZ: Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck set to party near Savannah post-wedding

TMZ reports that the recently married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are going to hold a private party at a home Affleck owns outside of Savannah.

The gossip site said Affleck owns a home in Riceboro, Georgia, south of Savannah not far from the coast and the party will include close family and friends. It says the house sits on 87 acres and has 6,000 square feet and three bedrooms. Affleck tried to sell it for $8 million in 2019 but pulled it off the market when nobody bit, the site said.

TMZ also broke the story of the elopement early Saturday morning in Las Vegas at one of the chapels. The couple dated and were engaged in the early 2000s, broke up for 17 years, then reunited last year.