‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 13 episode 14 recap

LaToya Ali, a new "friend" on "Real Housewives of Atlanta," alienates Kenya Moore during the latest episode aired March 21, 2021. BRAVO
LaToya Ali, a new "friend" on "Real Housewives of Atlanta," alienates Kenya Moore during the latest episode aired March 21, 2021. BRAVO

Credit: Bravo

Credit: Bravo

A Halloween party goes a bit awry courtesy of two newbies

LaToya Ali, a newcomer this season, has been an odd bird from day one, verbally going after two other newcomers but holding fire when it comes to any of the veteran women.

Her other move: attaching herself to current Queen Bird Kenya Moore. For a few episodes, they appeared to have a love fest with Kenya giving LaToya plenty of positive attention.

But LaToya’s loose lips may have sunk her friendship with Kenya.

LaToya first questioned Kenya’s obsession over the stripper who slept with two of the ladies during the beach trip. Then during last week’s episode, she needlessly brought up Kenya’s specific marital issues to Kenya’s enemy Porsha Williams and some of the other ladies at a party before Cynthia’s wedding. Kenya wasn’t there. Later, this info floated back to Kenya via Marlo Hampton, who was witness to LaToya’s shenanigans and had reconciled with Kenya after years of tensions.

At the start of the season, the “Real Housewives” producers may have considered giving LaToya full-time “peach” status but her weird, often off-putting behavior may have given them pause. In the end, she was only deemed “friend” status. This means she isn’t on every episode and gets paid significantly less. She also gets almost no back story.

Earlier in the season, LaToya upfront dissed Drew Sidora, the much more likable and grounded actress who ultimately became the one and only new full-time cast member this season. She also verbally mocked Falynn Guobadia, another newbie the producers considered as a replacement for the departing Eva Marcille and NeNe Leakes.

Falynn, in the end, got nothing. She isn’t even considered a “friend.”

But Falynn, did host a Halloween party that, on the surface, seemed very cool. She spent three days refitting the front of her home into a haunted house and it looked suitably spooky.

Unfortunately, everything else about the party was half-baked. There wasn’t much food. There was no help staff, no DJ, nothing that would evoke an actual party. Instead, the ladies sat in the kitchen, many in very elaborate costumes just hanging out. (This was shot during a pandemic but still...)

During the party, LaToya for no particular reason makes fun of Falynn’s older husband and then proceeds to diss the party itself. She also wonders why Kenya isn’t returning her calls and texts.

Kenya pulls LaToya aside and explains that she felt betrayed by LaToya’s blabbing. LaToya claims she was “defending” Kenya but, as Porsha later noted, Kenya wasn’t even an issue at that point. LaToya just brought Kenya’s personal stuff out of the blue.

LaToya blames the alcohol for her strange behavior, but Kenya eventually just gives up on her and walks away.

At this point, LaToya says she’s “bored” by the party and starts to leave. But she keeps insulting Falynn on the way out, and Falynn gets so heated, the “Real Housewives” staff has to physically keep her at bay. At one point, she is holding a golf club.

This is not “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” The producers clearly do not want anyone getting bashed in with a golf club.


The other storylines:


She is planning a trip to New Orleans for the ladies that will be featured next week.

She is also dealing with the father of her oldest son Josiah, who is nine. The father, who is not named, went to prison and is now out and is trying to reconnect with his son. Drew gets tearful telling her husband, Ralph Pittman, that she is torn by this. She believes Ralph is really Josiah’s dad now, but she also doesn’t want to keep her son from seeing his biological father. Ralph, who grew up without his dad but formed a relationship with him later in life, supports Josiah getting to know the man and tells Josiah so. Josiah isn’t ready to spend time with “old daddy,” as they awkwardly call him. But Josiah eventually says “maybe” in the future.


She and her husband, Mike Hill, are very happy, post-nuptials. He wants to buy a house in Atlanta while keeping his home in Los Angeles. Cynthia seems willing to give up her current home she purchased five years ago to accommodate him.


She gets a new role in a TV-movie “Seven Deadly Sins: Envy” and says she needs to lose some pandemic weight for it.


The ladies go to New Orleans, and there is a lot of twerking going on. LaToya is confronted about her drinking. Marlo clashes with Porsha over her revived friendship with Kenya.

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