Raphael Warnock, Big Tigger on night three of ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ in Atlanta

Trevor Noah on night three in Atlanta booked Sen. Raphael Warnock, battling for his seat against Herschel Walker.

Here are some highlights:

Salty and sweet: A woman suggested to Noah to try out the lemon pepper wings at J.R. Crickets with “extra sprinkles.” He worried it would be too salty so she said he should go over to American Deli and wash the wings down with peach soda. “The salt is canceled out with the sugar,” he said. “It’s a balanced diet. It was delicious! But I slept for a week!”

Rise... up? Noah name-checked the upcoming Georgia-Tennessee football game, then noted: “The Braves won the World Series. The University of Georgia won the national championship. And the Falcons have really cool jerseys!”

Lies, lies, lies, they’re gonna get ya: He spent 10 minutes expanding on an idea he told the Monday audience off camera that attack ads should be banned and that candidates should focus on what they should do, not how horrible the other person is. He aired some anti-Stacey Abrams ads, then said: “If you only knew Stacey Abrams from attack ads in Georgia, you’d think she was Darth Vader, Thanos and that [expletive] who cut you off in traffic. Pure evil!” Then he noted how one ad showed her hugging Noah and mock complained: “There’s nothing wrong with hugging me! I give good hugs!”

He said attack ads poison the water and make it harder for politicians to work together in a bipartisan fashion. (Then again, attack ads have been around for decades in America.) He jokingly pretends to be one of those politicians: “My opponent wants to drink the blood of children but now that we’re elected, we can work together on infrastructure! You get in here, you pedophile! Let’s do this deal!”

Can Roy Wood Jr. rap? He met with Atlanta marketer Nick Love, who has worked with everyone from Young Jeezy to 2 Chainz to promote songs. In his 20s, Love said he would spend every day in Magic City to get new music exposed. Wood then tried to create a Georgia voting-themed rap song. His first effort receives poor marks and the one woman who liked it actually prefers country. The last song she knew from the rap world? “Get Low” by Lil Jon. He revised his song and spit out some rhymes, using a bit of that “Get Low” sound. “Warnock’s jacket too tight/ How a voter gonna trust you if they see your muscles?/ Yah. Take that jacket and swap it out.”

Crossing the aisle: Warnock spent 10 minutes with Noah, noting his ability to pass bills that are bipartisan including capping insulin prices and working with Sen. Ted Cruz to build a highway between Georgia and Texas. He also said he is still a pastor and goes to the pulpit at Ebenezer Baptist Church every Sunday.

Goofy opener: The opening skit features Noah trying to come up with a hip-hop name while walking with Atlanta native and correspondent Dulcé Sloan on the streets of downtown Atlanta. Then V-103 morning host Big Tigger pops up in a car. He offers four ideas to Noah: “Lil Dimples,” “Beige Panther,” “Goofy Mane” and “Mildish Gambino.” Noah is not thrilled with any of them.

After three of the four shows, two of the five correspondents Desi Lydic and Ronny Chieng have been absent from the proceedings. Will either of them show up for the fourth and final live show in Atlanta? We shall find out soon.