Ken Nugent, Atlanta’s ‘one call, that’s all’ attorney, holds Hot 107.9 theme song contest

Nugent has been running ads in Atlanta since 1988.
Attorney Ken Nugent is holding a theme song contest with Hot 107.9 as a way to build his African-American clientele. PUBLICITY PHOTO



Attorney Ken Nugent is holding a theme song contest with Hot 107.9 as a way to build his African-American clientele. PUBLICITY PHOTO

For the past three decades, injury attorney Ken Nugent has been a ubiquitous presence on the Atlanta radio and TV airwaves and billboards, using the memorable line “One call, that’s all!”

Nugent, 66, who has more than a passing resemblance to the actor Jeff Bridges, is now seeking to build a younger clientele by teaming up with hip-hop station Hot 107.9 and holding a theme song contest that runs through June 26.

Nugent will announce the winner at Hot 107.9′s annual Birthday Bash at Georgia State University’s Center Parc Credit Union Stadium on July 16 in the same location where Turner Field used to be. Headliners include Kodak Black, 2 Chainz, Gunna and Nardo Wick.

He is seeking up-and-coming artists creating original songs. The top 4 songs with the most streams will compete from June 27 to July 3 based on a popular vote on Nugent’s website and a One Call TikTok contest poll.

You can upload your song from May 9 through June 26 via or

Nugent, in an interview Friday with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, said he plans to use the song in radio ads and on social media.

“I’m already well known and accepted in that community,” he said.

He noted that several rappers have referenced him in songs including a very early 2013 Migos song “Kent Nugent” and Playbwoi with a 2020 song actually called “One Call, That’s All.”

Nugent did not come up with the catchy line “one call, that’s all” himself. He actually got the phrase from a marketer in New Orleans, Richard Sackett. in the early 1990s and was able to use it in Georgia. (Lawyers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Mississippi and Birmingham, Alabama use the phrase as well.)

It’s been super effective for him. He now has 40 attorneys in multiple cities in Georgia. He said he’s no longer doing the actual legal work himself anymore. “I kind of manage the business,” he said. “I learned I could hire lawyers a heck of a lot smarter than I am. My kids are involved. It’s a nice family story.”

He tapes new ads every three weeks and has done hundreds of them over the years. He said he used to do louder, crazier ads in the early years to get attention. But now he’s segued into more of a senior statesman. He said one of his more memorable recent ads show him simply standing on a big rig.

“There is so much competition in my world,” he said. “I just try to distinguish myself from 20 other people.” Indeed, other heavy advertisers in his personal injury world including Montlick & Associates, which uses Monica Pearson, and John Foy & Associates with its “strong arm” logo.

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