Jimmy Kimmel quiz: country act or local Atlanta law firm?

In an utterly random moment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night, Jimmy Kimmel posed a quiz to his studio audience: is this name a country act or a local Atlanta law firm?

The CMA Awards did air on ABC Wednesday night so that is perhaps why his crack writing team came up with the concept.

Why the show chose Atlanta is unexplained beyond the fact the city does have law firm names that could be easily mistaken for country acts.

The video below features multiple comedy bits but the opening two minutes and change is the quiz.

This quiz might be mildly easier for Atlantans since some of the names are rather well known, but the Los Angeles audience was largely clueless.

Here were the test subjects. (I won’t say which ones are law firms, but you can press the link to find out.)

Buckley Beal

Alston & Bird

Scroggins & Williamson

Goodman McGuffey

Finch McCrainie

Pinkard & Bowden

Slappey & Sadd

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