Jeff Dauler and wife Callie celebrate birth of daughter

Baby Ellie’s first cry featured on couple’s ‘Upside’ podcast
Jeff and Callie Dauler. CREDIT: Star 94.1

Jeff and Callie Dauler. CREDIT: Star 94.1

Atlanta podcasters Jeff and Callie Dauler this week welcomed their first child, Elizabeth James Dauler, who was born at Northside Hospital.

Jeff Dauler, who was part of the Q100 Bert Show for 14 years and co-hosted the morning show at Star 94 for three years, announced Ellie’s arrival on Instagram Monday. She was born at 7.5 pounds and 21 inches long with “perfect little ears and everything else.” He said they plan to call her Ellie. Her middle name honors Jeff’s father.

“She showed up three weeks early so it was a bit of a surprise,” Jeff said in a text Friday, “but we’re figuring it out.”

Jeff added on their daily podcast “The Upside” that he is feeling bliss and peace after Callie’s C-section. “Callie is a hero,” he said. “She handled it like a champ. I’m so overwhelmed."

He was in the delivery room during the birth.

“It was the coolest thing ever,” Callie said on a podcast episode 36 hours after Ellie was born. “Hearing her little cry. I was a little anxious going into the C-section. You’re awake so that’s a different level of crazy. They were so efficient and so nice. Everyone has been so amazing. They were sitting next to me, cheering me on. We had the best energy in the delivery room.”

The podcast, recorded while they were still in the hospital, featured audio of Ellie’s first cry.

So far, she’s really chill and sweet, Callie said.

“Her cry has potential to rattle windows,” Jeff added. “The lungs are there. Talk to us in two weeks.”

The Daulers met in 2012 and married in 2016. Callie is a talent executive assistant for Robin Meade at HLN.

After Jeff lost his job at Star 94 in 2019, he and Callie decided to launch a daily podcast last year which focuses on the good in everybody with a major focus on gratitude. The podcast has a 4.9 out of 5.0 score on Apple podcasts from 4,400 reviewers.

As the primary page notes, since their marriage, they have tackled health issues, betrayal from best friends, death of a parent and a miscarriage, to name a few. “We’re grateful for everything... even the rough stuff. And we are sharing all of this on our podcast," they wrote.