How did Porsha Williams do on Fox’s ‘Stars on Mars’?

Credit: Pete Dadds

Credit: Pete Dadds

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams made it to the final three on Fox’s reality show “Stars on Mars” where celebrities pretended to be on a space exploration mission to Mars.

On Monday night’s finale, she fell short of winning after she was slowest answering five trivia questions.

The winner ended up being Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. In the final mission, Rippon assembled a satellite tower and transmitted a message to Earth faster than singer-songwriter Tinashe to take the crown.

William Shatner, nicknamed “Shatty Daddy” by the group, played host as each episode featured celebrities removed due to not being “mission critical,” though in a few cases, celebrities just decided to leave on their own including disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and “Modern Family” actress Ariel Winter.

There was no cash prize to win “Stars on Mars,” but the celebrities were paid to be on the show.

Williams, who spent nine seasons on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” until 2021, was previously on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Rippon also won “Dancing With the Stars” season 26.