Former WSB-TV anchor Craig Lucie writes children’s book ‘Hold You’

Credit: RODNEY HO/rho@ajc

Credit: RODNEY HO/rho@ajc

He was inspired by his now six-year-old daughter Adrienne.

Craig Lucie, two years removed from being an anchor at WSB-TV, has a thriving public relations firm. But his six-year-old daughter Adrienne doesn’t care about that.

She treasures a side project: a new children’s book he wrote called “Hold You,” inspired by her perpetual need for him to carry her around. And when she was tiny, she’d use the grammatically incorrect term “Hold you” instead of “Hold me.” He found it too adorable to correct her. It’s a simple story that runs through the little girl from birth until the dad is old and gray. In the end, it’s the dad who needs to be held.

“These days when the kids are young don’t last long,” Lucie said. “In a blink, they’re gone. This a great reminder for parents to treasure every moment. And this also is a reminder as adults to hug your parents as well.”

“Hold You,” available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with an initial printing of 2,000 copies, will be a legacy he hopes his daughter will pass on to her kids decades down the road. Now at age six, Adrienne still asks him to read it every day. His son Liam, three, is a fan as well.

To make the book happen, he worked with Julia Maldonado of InTandem Digital Press and he has been doing book signings around town since “Hold You” came out last month.



Lucie is best known in town as a prominent anchor and reporter at Channel 2 Action News from 2011 to 2019, but he chose to leave voluntarily to start his own publicity and marketing firm Lucie Content.

He said he now has 20 people working for him, most freelancers. He helps create videos for his 20 or so clients, many on retainer for three months to a year. He works with internal communications and marketing employees at those particular companies to create compelling stories.

“We can provide them with an outsider’s perspective and producers, anchors and reporters with experience who are capable of creating modern, clean and sophisticated videos,” he said. The videos are distributed via social media and help build engagement for their apps and social media feeds.

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