Jeff Dauler and Callie Dauler expecting second daughter in February

Jeff and Callie Dauler. CREDIT: Star 94.1

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Jeff and Callie Dauler. CREDIT: Star 94.1

Former Bert Show host Jeff Dauler and his wife Callie announced on their popular daily podcast “The Upside” Tuesday that they are expecting a second daughter in February.

The couple, who got married in 2016 and started “The Upside” podcast in 2019, have a three-year-old girl Ellie.

“Jeff is girl dad to the max,” Callie said on the podcast. “We have girl dogs. We have me. You’re going to be estrogen-ed out.”

“I’m not mad at it,” Jeff said. “My skill sets lean toward girls.” He said he was at the park recently with Ellie and watched a dad throwing perfect spiral football passes to his son and knew he couldn’t do that.

“Boys just like to break stuff. They’re loud,” he added. “I’m TikTok dance speed.”

Callie, on social media, first announced she was pregnant back in July. “The baby gave us a little wave at our last ultrasound and seeing that little arm makes me melt⁣,” she wrote at the time.

She also credited Shady Grove Fertility for helping them out with the IVF process they went through.

Dauler was part of The Bert Show from 2001 until 2016, then cohosted the morning show with Jenn Hobby on Star 94 briefly until 2019. Callie spent six years working as a self-described “talent wrangler” for Robin Meade’s HLN morning show from 2016 to 2022.

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