Survey shows these paint colors can boost home value

People hoping to list their home may be considering some renovations to increase resale value. However, before you break down a wall or pay for an expensive new countertop, consider a paint job.

A recent survey found that some paint colors in some rooms can lead to an increase in the offer price.

“It’s almost always a good idea to paint before you sell your house, assuming your timeline and budget allow for it,” national real estate agent matching service Clever said. “Painting is relatively cheap and makes a big impact on your ability to attract interest to your home.”

You can paint the interior and the exterior, but it’s less expensive to do the inside.

Zillow Group surveyed recent and prospective homebuyers. Results showed that painting your bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom certain hues can increase a home’s value by up to $5,000.

Light blue paint in the bathroom will result in an average 1.6% increase in offer price or an almost $5,000 jump in value on a $290,000 home, the survey found.

“Light blue is considered a neutral, which means that it’s easy for prospective buyers to envision their belongings in place, and it likely will not clash with their sense of style or taste,” St. Louis-based Kennedy Painting said. “A bright, offbeat bathroom, on the other hand, can be a little risky. Neutrals are much more inviting.”

If light blue won’t do, gray, dark gray, light yellow and off-white are good alternatives.

It’s best to paint the kitchen white, according to the survey. It said on average “a neutral light color greatly increases interest in touring a property. It also ups the likelihood of a potential buyer purchasing the home.

Light yellow/off-white, dark gray, gray, dark red and dark green are good alternatives.

“Green is a perennial favorite, but the palette has come to the fore over the last two years,” Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball, told Better Homes & Gardens. “This relationship has been heightened recently due to perceived benefits of how we respond to the palette, which, in the right shade, can be ultimately restful and calming.”

In the living room, gray is the best color.

According to MyMove, you can take advantage of natural light with the hue.

“Take advantage of your natural light resources to emphasize and play up the natural tones as they change with the lighting over the course of the day.”

Finally, the bedroom gets the most benefit from bold color. Dark blue is your best bet, but don’t go too bright. Pink, bright yellow and bright green should be avoided.

“As one of the most classic bedroom colors, deep blue is known for being restful and soothing. But don’t worry, maximalists! These eclectic rooms prove that navy is much more than its traditionalist reputation,” MyDomaine said of its 22 ways to incorporate blue into a bedroom.