Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it should be relaxing, comfortable and luxe. Every week, the AJC’s Private Quarters takes you inside of the most beautiful homes in Atlanta, and this week we’re giving you inspiration and ideas to spruce up your bedroom. From modern to traditional, industrial to farmhouse, crafting a comforting bedroom goes beyond any style.

While it might be tempting to break the bank with expensive curtains, plush bedding and new statement furniture, there are a few simple ways you can update your bedroom to make it as luxurious as you want it to be. The tips below will guide you through making your bedroom look and feel expensive without having to shell out the cash.

Add texture and warmth

Incorporating a rug is a quick and easy way to add texture and warmth to any room. You can also add warmth with a statement blanket if you don’t want to splurge on new bedding. “A big chunky knit throw placed across the foot of your bed will take the focus off a tired duvet or comforter,” writes Apartment Therapy. Rugs and blankets can also help with incorporating different textures like a faux fur throw or a geometric print rug.

Design your nightstand

For most of us our nightstands become a catch-all for unread books and glasses of water, but adding some structure and style could up the ante. “It’s time to rethink how that’s all displayed. Hide some things away in a drawer; display small items in a beautiful tray,” reads Elle Decor.

Make a statement

While the cost of furniture can add up quickly, it’s a good idea to invest in at least one statement piece that serves as the focal of your bedroom. “A dark wood bed frame; a gorgeous gilded dresser; a velvet arm chair—each bedroom has its own centerpiece, but make sure it’s the room’s focus,” says Elle Decor. Once you have your statement piece, be sure not to add clutter or overcrowd it.

Frame it

Adding framed artwork or a new mirror to your room can also help to elevate the style. “If you still have the plain mirror you got during college, it’s time for a change,” says Apartment Therapy. “Try an antique-inspired brass mirror or something curvy that will open up the room.” Mirrors and artwork can get expensive so you might try starting out your search at a local flea market to keep costs low.

Try out some new lighting

New lighting can make all the difference in a small room or one with limited natural light. Swap out the standard ceiling light in your room for something a little more elegant. Elle Decor recommends replacing them with a glamourous chandelier or even a drum-shaped pendant.

Overdo it on the pillows

Who knew the key to making your pillows more luxurious was to simply overstuff them? Apartment Therapy says, “Stylists do this by buying inserts that are slightly larger than whatever their pillow covers are. So if you have a 18-inch square pillow, for example, buy 20-inch inserts.”

A few other additional tips to create the most comfortable bedroom possible are to add a tray or raise your curtains. You could also try upgrading the hardware on old furniture and adding plants or other greenery.

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