When it comes to decorating your child’s room, you’ll likely want to create a space that’s comfortable, stylish and functional. Designing a room that meets your little one’s needs but is also fun and vibrant can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Every week, Private Quarters takes you inside some of metro Atlanta’s most stylish homes and this week is about bringing color and comfort to kids' rooms.

Capturing your child’s individuality in a room that doesn’t feel babyish is a delicate balance. Design experts recommend ditching the theme rooms, according to Houzz. Pirate ship, race car and princess-themed bedrooms are a thing of the past. They’re also good to avoid because children’s interests are everchanging.

It’s best to keep furniture and accessories that will endure over time and that are functional and simple. Think classic or modern furniture with added touches that express your child’s individuality. Another way to add fun is to consider an interactive element such as painting a wall with chalkboard paint. If you are unsure about painting the whole wall then try one piece of furniture, like a dresser, instead.

Storage and organization are other key elements to keep in mind when planning a design. “To help your kids stay organized, keep things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily,” writes HGTV. “Try adding a few bins to conceal their toys and other items.”

Kids love display spaces, according to HGTV. If your child has a collection, consider displaying it somewhere prominently in their room. “Galvanized metal is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased in sheets at most home improvement stores. Just mount on the wall and you have an instant magnetic board.” Cork boards are another inexpensive option where kids can showcase their art or photographs.

For color, Houzz recommends keeping it contained by adding it through removable art decals and framed artwork. A child’s room with too many bright colors can be jarring and might contrast with the overall aesthetic of your home. “The ideal strategy is to let your child pick the room color but with some safety filters. Neon purple might be too much of a departure from your earthy Craftsman home,” writes Houzz.

Lighting is just as important in this space as it is in any other. And the perfect kind of lighting can add a touch of magic. String lights, fairy lights or even glow in the dark stars are another way to add amusement while keeping things uncomplicated. Overall, it’s important to keep decorations and furniture simple and fun — this is a kid’s room after all.

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