Brighter days outside mean brighter days indoors as well.

With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to use the warmer seasons as inspiration to invite more hues into your home.

“Light shades of the interior refresh the atmosphere, giving it elegance and chic. Delicate pastel colors — beige, light gray, white — go well with pieces of furniture, décor and home textiles. These are just the main advantages of a bright interior,” the website Interior Designology noted.

There are many simple ways you can incorporate luster into any room in your home. From rugs to design accents and fresh paint jobs, the options are nearly endless.

One of the simplest ways to infuse color into a living room is to use accent pillows in rich tones.

According to MailOnline, forest green and olive are on-trend colors for kitchens while cooler pigments such as sage are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

“Sage green conjures up feelings of being in nature,” lifestyle expert at Swedish woodburning stove brand Contura told Women & Home magazine. “When used in the home, it provides a sense of bringing the outdoors in. As being immersed in nature is good for our mental health and wellbeing, when added to a room, sage green provides a soothing palette.”

Additionally, area rugs can go a long way toward elevating a space.

Apartment Therapy has several examples of supplemental carpeting that can refresh a space. Designs such as handwoven wool rugs, floral patterns with purples and pinks and a festive yellow zebra motif can give quirky character to an otherwise standard room.

The Spruce notes that along with the functional aspects that an area rug provides, it also elevates the style of a dwelling.

“Area rugs have a unique way of bringing together all of the elements of a room — for example, they can pull together various colors used in the décor,” it said.

Homeowners who are willing to get their hands dirty may choose the DIY option and break out the paint. A fresh coat can easily spruce up a room, but it doesn’t have to be limited to the walls. Covering a ceiling in white paint can be a simple way to add brightness to a dark room, according to Bob Vila. You can also paint heavy wooden beams to give them a boost.

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