A wet bar or a full home bar can add a touch of sophistication to any home. From storing expensive glassware to displaying your collection of aged whiskey. Every week the AJC’s Private Quarters takes you inside of some of metro Atlanta’s most beautiful homes and this week we’re inspiring you with dazzling at-home bars.

Home bars often serve as gathering spaces for guests so it’s important to design them for function and organization while keeping style in mind. Bars are like small kitchens, according to Forbes, so you’ll want to choose materials that are durable and attractive but that also stand out. If you want to show off your glassware then you might consider glass cabinetry.

While a wet bar can add value to a home, it’s a big undertaking. A standalone bar can be just as attractive and functional as a full wet bar. “Look for a standalone shelf that pairs well with your existing wet bar or cabinetry (a perfect match isn’t essential),” writes The Spruce. “This will provide a dedicated space for spirits that still feels in sync with your other decor.” A bar cart is also a quick and easy way to add a bar space to your home.

When it comes to aesthetics, with a home bar you could go dark or light depending on the mood of your home. Sleek black paint can give a home bar a high-end feel. Adding a mirror or a mirrored backsplash adds even more sophistication.

As with any design, you’ll also want to consider space and location. The bar should be in a place that’s close to where guests typically gather in your home. Make sure that your home bar has enough space for all the design elements you would like included and make use of wall and vertical space as much as possible. A wall shelf is a great way to add extra storage space.

A home bar isn’t essential, so it’s a good opportunity to make a bold design statement and create something that really stands out and that guests will notice immediately. An unexpected accent color or metallic finishes add unexpected touches and vibrancy to a space that’s meant to be different and attractive.