Presidents Day 2021: What’s open, closed in and around Atlanta

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10 Facts , About Presidents' Day.1. , Presidents' Day occurs on the third Monday of February.2, Originally, the holiday was meant to celebrate President George Washington's birthday. .3. , In 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes signed the observance of Washington's birthday into law.4. , It was the first nationally recognized federal bank holiday to celebrate the life of an American.Martin Luther King Jr. Day was the second.5. , In 1932, the holiday was used to reinstate the Purple Heart, which was created by Washington to honor wounded or killed soldiers.6. , President Richard Nixon changed the date of the celebration in 1971 under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.The Act was an attempt to have more federal holidays fall on Mondays.7. , It also combined the celebration of Washington's birthday with Abraham Lincoln's birthday.8. , By the 1980s, Americans began to refer to the holiday as "Presidents' Day" because marketers used the terms to advertise sales over three-day weekends.9, By the early 2000s, half of the U.S. changed the name to "Presidents' Day" on their calendars.10, Today, it is considered to be a patriotic day of celebrating presidents of the past and present

Signed into law by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1879, President’s Day is meant to celebrate President George Washington’s birthday, which isn’t on Feb. 15, but Feb. 22.

This year, the holiday may look a little different as the coronavirus pandemic continues, but you may still want to use your day off — if you have the day off, that is — to run a few errands.

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Before you do, though, you may want to double-check to see if you can visit your favorite retailers.

Check below to see what stores, schools and other places are open or closed on Presidents Day this year.


Major retailers including JCPenney, Target, Sam’s Club, Walmart and The Home Depot and Petco will be open for sales, according to


Most banks — closed

County schools

Clayton, DeKalb and Cobb county schools — closed; Gwinnett schools closed to students; teacher professional learning day.

City schools

Atlanta Public Schools — closed to students; teacher professional learning day


DeKalb, Fulton and Gwinnett county offices— closed


DeKalb and Fulton libraries — closed

Post offices

Post offices — closed


Trains and buses will run on normal schedules.