Krystal’s has your New Year’s ‘hangover’ cure with egg-topped burger

Things may be different i 2020, but one thing will likely be the same — we may overindulge. In that case, we’ll need something to help soothe our aching bellies and pounding heads.

Luckily, Dunwoody-based Krystal is bringing back its Hangover Krystal burger thanks to popular demand.

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A take on the classic Krystal, this burger features a steamed bun, patty, cheese, onion, bacon and a fresh-cracked fried egg. It’s available all day and all night so no matter when the craving or hangover starts, you can get your hands on the breakfast-ready burger.

“Krystal is well known as the go-to remedy after a night of overindulgence,” Angela Johnson, VP of marketing said in a press release. “After the ups and downs of 2020, the Hangover Krystal, with its fresh-cracked fried egg, is sure to be the perfect cure after New Year’s celebrations.”

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The burger will come back to the fast-food chain on Monday, Dec. 28 and will be available for $1.69 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late-night meal at all locations. Participating restaurants will be open for 24 hours on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, where Hangover Krystals will be served. You can also purchase two of them as a meal with small tots.

Public health guidelines and precautions are in place at Krystal amid the continuing pandemic.

The Hangover Krystal was initially introduced in May when it launched in the Southeast U.S.