How to train for the AJC Peachtree Road Race in-person or virtually

Caption's time lapse videos of the runners starting to reach cardiac hill outside of Piedmont Hospital.

Training for a race is not a simple feat and when it comes to the world’s largest 10K, it can feel particularly daunting. If you’re preparing for your first AJC Peachtree Road Race or attempting to set a personal best record, the Atlanta Track Club’s In-Training for the race can fit your needs.

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The program can help with at-home or in-person training for $75 and $90 respectively. The 11-week plan includes a combination of long structured workouts and supplementary midweek workouts. These assist participants in achieving their goals with community support or at home. Plus, the workouts don’t only prepare you for the AJC Peachtree Roadrace but any summer 5K or 10K.

For the 2021 program, there is virtual and in-person training with certified coaches. The leaders guide participants and keep them accountable. Local running and walking experts give digital learning opportunities on Tuesday evenings. During the week, small group workouts occur throughout the city. Bigger, long workouts are held at two locations on Saturdays.

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More customized training levels to fit the various fitness, experience and goals of participants are offered. Final Surge workout log sends daily email and text reminders and participants can join online platforms to build community. They can also take advantage of deals and discounts from sponsors and specialty running stores. That’s on top of a double-wall stainless steel water bottle that new In-Training participants receive from Mizuno. Returning participants receive a sticker to place on their water bottle to show their experience.

The track club recommends that training participants be able to maintain 18-20 min/mile for at least one mile when they begin training. If participants are unable to meet this pace, they could be asked to change their training runs to a set time limit to match training support. It should be noted that the program does not provide guaranteed AJC Peachtree Road Race entry.

Although Peachtree Junior occurs in the days leading up to the Peachtree Road Race, the training programs are aimed at participants 18 and older. But those who are 16 can participate if they are joined by a parent who has signed a release. Both parent and child must be registered.